A player is a computer, connected to your display screen, that is running the Infojection Player Software. There is documentation available on how to install a player.

Each physical player should also be represented in the signage manager. To create a player, click "Players" on the left of the screen, then the "Create" button.

Name and Location are usually shown when players are listed. Setting these fields descriptively will help you find the player again as your network grows.

Players have a default playlist. This is the list of media specifically chosen to play on this player.

Membership of Groups will blend playlists together, this can either override or blend with the default list. You should view a player's "Schedule" to see what the actual play order will be.

Groups use timers. This is why setting a player's time zone correctly is important.

If you set your time zone on the "My Account" screen, then all the players you create will have that zone by default.