Infojection's Digital Signage Solution

open source linux digital advertising.Our solution relies on proven technologies to provide the stability required for reliable and resilient digital signage.

Smart digital signage players send targeted information to known audiences. Large format projection or TV screens, located in public view, deliver your message.

Install small "Player" PCs running infojection player software to provide video for your screens. Your choice of content can be uploaded to the signage manager, added to playlists and then scheduled to play on your players. Distribution of media to players is automatic by way of the signage manager.

Digital sign at Manchester Airport

Media can be chosen, tailored and timed perfectly to fit with the changing demographics of an audience. Play lists can be continualy adjusted throughout the day


Video and Multimedia content can be mixed between display of Broadcast TV or output from any video device.
Display hardware can be anything from a well positioned small LCD screen to a massive LED display in a football stadium.


The solution is capable of non stop use. It recovers itself from power cuts and can run, even if disconnected from the network.