Infojection Managed Digital Signage

Infojection Signage Manager and Player for reliable Digital Signage.

Infojection provides a reliable and scaleable solution that delivers your message to the correct audience.

Smart media players, driving projectors, or large format screens, controlled by a central media manager.

Digital Signage in Lounge

Digital Signage Player

Supporting diverse, variable scheduling. Our player system displays video from external and computer generated sources.

  • Variable Programme
  • TV News & Live Events
  • Split Screen Capability
  • Reliable 24/7 Operation

Target messages or show TV with an extremely flexible timer system. Schedules can be adjusted throughout the day.

Player and Media Management

Digital Signage in Lounge
To manually administer 2 or 3 players would need hours of your time. To run 2 or 3 thousand players without automation would take up considerably more of your time!
Scalability ... Build BIG with infojection.

The media manager can deal with networks on a massive scale. It ensures that information propogates through your digital signage network to its audience.

Signage Manager

Media is imported, scheduled, and then distributed to a potentially massive number of players and screens. The whole distribution process is automatic.

Thosands of screens could show your message with just 4 clicks in the media manager.
Linux Java Digital Signage Management software.
Set up flexible or precise timers for data feed pick ups, automatic media distribution and display on screen.

To connect large numbers of players, located around the globe, you need a reliable and scaleable network solution.