Configure the player

Remember that the player will need an internet connection to get set up and collect your content from the signage manager. Make sure that the network is plugged in and functioning before attempting to configure your player.
First boot

You'll see something like this splash screen as the player boots. When it starts, you should enter the same username and password you used at

To move the flashing cursor around the screen, press the [TAB] key. When the cursor is over a button, press enter to select it.

So to log in, type your username, press [TAB], type your password, press [TAB], press [Enter] to log in.
Configure the player

You will see a list of all players that have been set up on the signage manager but not yet configured in reality. Use the up and down arrow keys to choose the player to register and then Press [Enter] to select.

You can also press [TAB] and toggle the [*] which will allow you to configure this player to replace a failed or inactive player.

Depending on the size of your media files, it will take a moment until the success screen pops up.

Press enter to choose ok and your player will start playing your media as set up in the signage manager.

So long as the player has an internet connection, it will automatically check for updates to playlists and media.