Applications of Digital Signage

Digital Signage in LoungePlaces such as Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Health Clubs, Cinemas, Airports and even Doctor's Waiting Rooms are using digital signage. The audiences in these places are known, allowing messages to be chosen, updated and adjusted specifically for them.

Using live information displays within companies improves internal communications. Business critical data can be fed throughout the organisation.
Company information and branding can easily be delivered to conference facilities and corporate hospitality areas.
Use infojection players to display eye catching promotional content. Make an impression at trade shows, events and exhibitions.

Using networks of plasma screens or projectors, large public areas can be covered.
Digital Signage in Lounge

Make use of existing TV screens in Reception, Bar and Lounge areas.
Interleave advertising content, Satellite or Broadcast TV together with Hotel information.


Recent research carried out by The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), gives clear evidence that Captive Audience Networks in retail environments increase sales of advertised products.

Attractive visual content can be used to increase brand awareness and enhance the customer experience.

In retail outlets and shopping centres, advertising where products are available in the vicinity. Point Of Sale advertising encourages consumers to buy, there and then.


Incorporating live data for currency exchange keeps customers up to date on the latest rates. Customers can be informed of the latest Mortgage or Loan deals as they wait in line for a cashier.
Digital Sign in Airport

Important information, advertising and sponsored live events from TV can be delivered through a Digital Signage Network. Using timings together with demographic data allows targeting to be so specific that personalised welcome messages can be sent to VIP visitors.


The highlights from last week's game can be shown alongside messages from club sponsors or external advertisers. Live score reports can keep the fans informed of the league's other results.

Infojection linux powered systems can provide digital signage solutions for custom requirements in all environments.